Heexy (pronounced [ˈhΙ›ksi]) is officially spelled as Heexy, but it is read as Hexy (pronounced [ˈhΙ›ksi]).

Why is it so?

We were looking for a way to make our original name, Hexy, longer and more visually appealing. Hence, we added an extra β€˜E,’ resulting in Heexy. Although it should be pronounced as Heexy, our original intention was for it to be pronounced as Hexy. However, we decided to discontinue using Hexy due to multiple domain registrations under that name. We aimed for something more aesthetically pleasing and slightly longer, which led us to adopt Heexy. This name gained popularity, and people remembered us by this delightful variation.

The challenge arose when Heexy started being pronounced exactly as it is spelled. To address this, we made certain adjustments. While Heexy continued to be pronounced as Hexy in the Czech Republic, other languages, such as English, pronounce double β€˜E’ differently than single β€˜E.’ This discrepancy could cause confusion, and we apologize for any misunderstanding. The single β€˜E’ should be disregarded, as it was added solely to elongate the word.

The History of Heexy and the Origin of the Word

Heexy (pronounced [ˈhΙ›ksi]), formerly known as Hexy, was derived from the shape of a hexagon. The term β€œHexa” was utilized in various combinations, eventually resulting in the creation of Hexy, which became the first official name. Towards the end of 2019, a decision was made to transition from Hexy to Heexy, which was well-received by users. This change also aided us in enhancing our designs. Since then, Heexy has been the official name and will remain so.

During the process of naming, we contemplated themes such as bees, hexagons resembling honeycomb cells, and the colors orange and yellow, which were previously associated with our brand.

Here is the old logo of Heexy, then known as Hexy:

At the beginning of 2020, we officially started using the logo that you are familiar with today:

Please note that the information provided above represents the official guidelines for writing and reading Heexy.