Heexy maps offers various map styles to enhance your mapping experience. The available map layers include:

Satellite map layer

The Satellite map layer displays satellite imagery of the entire globe. Explore high-resolution satellite images to get a detailed view of locations around the world.

Classic map layer

The Classic map layer provides the traditional and widely used map style that you are accustomed to when using Heexy Maps. It offers clear and easy-to-read map features for seamless navigation.

Dark map layer

The Dark map layer offers a unique map style with a dark color scheme. It provides a visually striking and distinct map representation while retaining the essential map features.

Light map layer

The Light map layer offers a clean and bright map style with a light color scheme. It provides a visually pleasing and easy-to-read map experience, particularly in well-lit environments.

Old map layer

The Old map layer features vintage maps with a distinctive design that harkens back to earlier times. While incorporating current data, these maps have a retro aesthetic that adds a touch of nostalgia to your exploration.

Feel free to switch between these map layers based on your preferences and the specific context of your mapping needs. Enjoy discovering new places and navigating with style using Heexy Maps!


Note: The availability of specific map layers may vary based on your location and the features supported by Heexy Maps in that region.