Heexy !Bangs are designed for faster searching and accessing web pages. These shortcuts enable quick searches on different sites or simple redirection to specific web pages, significantly speeding up internet navigation.

How to use Heexy !Bangs?

The Heexy !bangs can be used in two ways


Searching on a specific page

To search on a specific page, use the syntax !bang search_query.


Redirecting to a specific page

For quick access to a specific webpage, you can use !bang.

Benefits of using Heexy !Bangs:

  • Accelerates internet search and navigation.
  • Simple syntax for quick control.
  • Allows searching on web pages.
  • We currently have over 10,200+ bangs
  • We are constantly adding new bangs

Usage examples:

  • !yt Funny cat videos : Searches on YouTube with the keyword “Funny cat videos.”

  • !yt : Redirects to YouTube.

  • Try Heexy !Bangs and see how they can enhance your online experience!

Heexy !Bangs are a fresh feature currently in BETA version. Please report any issues on our Discord. Enjoy using them!